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Used JCB Tractor Loader Backhoes
YES Unit #ModelYearHorsepowerDig DepthBackhoe MountOptionsSell Price
N0148813CX-14201474HP Tier 4F18′ w/ExtraDigCentermount24″ Ex Bucket$69,500
U0026343CX-14201192HP Tier III18′ w/ExtraDigCentermount24″ Ex Bucket$57,900
N0127954CX-14 Super2013109HP Tier 4i18′ w/ExtraDigPowerslideBucket Coupler$77,900
Used JCB Telescopic Handlers
Yes Unit #ModelYearHorsepowerLift CapacityLift HeightOptionsSell Price
R001699506c-HL2004825 HP6,000lbs42 Feet48″ Forks$29,900
N019925510-562017109Hp Tier 4F10,000lbs56 Feet48″ Forks$97,900
R001404512-562013109HP Tier 4i12,000lbs56 Feet60″ Forks$81,900
R000145512-562013109HP Tier 4i12,000lbs56 Feet60″ Forks$81,900
N014197514-562014109HP Tier 4i14,000lbs56 Feet72″ Side Tilt$102,900
R001726514-562014109HP Tier 4i14,000lbs56 Feet72″ Side Tilt$109,500
N014878514-562014109HP Tier 4i14,000lbs56 Feet60″ Forks$99,500
U003417515-40201450HP Tier III3,300lbs13 Feet 2 Inches42″ Forks$42,500
R001511520-50200783HP Tier III4,000lbs16 Feet 4 InchesNo Attachment$29,900
N016079525-60201574Hp Tier 4F5,500lbs20 Feet42″ Forks$68,900
U003690525-60201574HP Tier 4F5,500lbs20 FeetNo Attachment$61,500
U003472525-60201474HP Tier 4F5,500lbs20 FeetNo Attachment$64,500
U003110527-55201083Hp Tier III6,000lbs18 FeetNo Attachment$55,500
U003438527-55201183HP Tier III6,000lbs18 FeetNo Attachment$43,500
U003581527-55201283Hp Tier III6,000lbs18 FeetNo Attachment$49,500
N014310527-582014109Hp Tier 4i5,000lbs19 FeetNo Attachment$69,900
N014311527-582014109HP Tier 4i5,000lbs19 FeetNo Attachment$68,500
N014308527-582014109HP Tier 4i5,000lbs19 Feet42″ Forks$65,500
N014309527-582014109HP Tier 4i5,000lbs19 Feet42″ Forks$65,500
N014435527-582014109HP Tier 4i5,000lbs19 Feet42″ Forks$63,500
N014855527-582014109Hp Tier 4i5,000lbs19 FeetNo Attachment$64,500
N014859527-582014109HP Tier 4i5,000lbs19 FeetNo Attachment$64,500
N014854527-582014109HP Tier 4i5,000lbs19 Feet42″ Forks$71,500
N015465535-1402015109HP Tier 4i8,000lbs45 Feet 2 Inches48″ Forks$87,500
N015482535-1402015109HP Tier 4i8,000lbs45 Feet 2 Inches48″ Forks$93,500
N015477535-1402015109HP Tier 4i8,000lbs45 Feet 2 Inches48″ Forks$87,500
U001429550-1702005100HP10,000lbs54 Feet 8 Inches48″ Forks$49,900
U0026535508-1702001100HP8,000lbs54 Feet 8 Inches48″ Forks$52,900
Used JCB Telescopic Wheel Loaders
YES Unit #ModelYearHorsepowerLift CapacityLift HeightOptionsSell Price
U003420TM220201574HP Tier 4F4,400lbs15 FeetNo Attachment$68,500
N016910TM3202015125HP Tier 4i6,390lbs17 Feet 1 InchesNo Attachment$110,000
N016912TM3202015125HP Tier 4i6,390lbs17 Feet 1 InchesNo Attachment$102,000
N016913TM3202015125HP Tier 4i6,390lbs17 Feet 1 InchesNo Attachment$110,000
N016915TM3202015125HP Tier 4i6,390lbs17 Feet 1 InchesNo Attachment$110,000
N016916TM3202015125HP Tier 4i6,390lbs17 Feet 1 InchesNo Attachment$110,000
Used JCB Wheel Loaders
Yes Unit #ModelYearHorsepowerBucket CapacityOp. WeightOp. CompartSell Price
U003080409B201272HP Tier III1.3 cu. yd.12,830lbsCab w/Heat$68,500
N013992426HT2013165HP Tier III2.5 cu. yd.32,471lbsCab w/Heat/AC$118,000
Used Avant Telescopic Mini-Loaders
YES Unit #ModelYearHorsepowerLift CapacityLift HeightOptionsSell Price
N013765640201337.5HP2,400lbs9 Feet 3 inchesLX Cab$47,550
N013690750201350HP3,100lbs10 FeetNo Attachment$41,350
Used JCB Mini-Excavators
YES Unit#ModelYearHorsepowerDig DepthOp. WeightOp. Compart.Sell Price
R0012878025 ZTS201327HP Tier III8 Feet 5 Inches5,919lbsCab w/Heat$23,500
N0155658029 CTS201522HP Tier 4i10 Feet6,321lbsCab w/Heat$36,900
N0155668029 CTS201522HP Tier 4i10 Feet6,321lbsCanopy$32,500
R0015088035 ZTS201431HP Tier 4i11 Feet 4 Inches8,049lbsCanopy$28,500
N0155688035 ZTS201531HP Tier 4i11 Feet 4 Inches8,049lbsCanopy$36,500
R0018268035 ZTS201531HP Tier 4i11 Feet 4 Inches8,049lbsCanopy$33,500
N0155698040 ZTS201545HP Tier 4i10 Feet 9 Inches9,480lbsCab w/Heat/AC$49,900
R0014098065 RTS201351HP Tier 4i14 Feet 3 Inches14,514lbsCab w/Heat/AC$45,900
N0133978065 RTS201351HP Tier 4i14 Feet 3 Inches14,514lbsCab w/Heat/AC$42,500
N01563485Z-1201560HP Tier 4i12 Feet 2 Inches18,298lbsCab w/Heat/AC$74,500
Used JCB Skid Steers & Compact Track Loaders
YES Unit #ModelYearHorsepowerLift CapacityUnit DriveOptionsSell Price
U003421155201456HP Tier 4F1,550lbsWheeledNo Bucket$25,000
U003459175201456HP Tier 4F1,750lbsWheeledNo Bucket$27,500
U003349175201356HP Tier 4F1,750lbsWheeledNo Bucket$35,000
N014906175201456HP Tier 4F1,750lbsWheeledNo Bucket$37,500
N014915190T201462HP Tier 4F1,900lbsTracked66″ Bucket$41,500
N015582190T201562HP Tier 4F1,900lbsTracked66″ Bucket$43,500
U003189205201462HP Tier 4F2,050lbsWheeledNo Bucket$37,000
N013201260201374HP Tier 4F2,600lbsWheeledNo Bucket$34,500
U002880260201374HP Tier 4F2,600lbsWheeledNo Bucket$34,500
N012668260201374HP Tier 4F2,600lbsWheeled72″ Bucket$35,500
U003439260201374HP Tier 4F2,600lbsWheeledNo Bucket$29,500
U003810260201374HP Tier 4F2,600lbsWheeledNo Bucket$29,500
U003850260201374HP Tier 4F2,600lbsWheeledNo Bucket$30,500
U003845260201574HP Tier 4F2,600lbsWheeledNo Bucket$36,500
N014910260201474HP Tier 4F2,600lbsWheeled72″ Bucket$35,500
U003341260T201374HP Tier 4F2,600lbsTrackedNo Bucket$49,500
N012685260T201474HP Tier 4F2,600lbsTrackedNo Bucket$47,500
N014917260T201474HP Tier 4F2,600lbsTracked78″ Bucket$46,500
U003322280201284HP Tier III2,800lbsWheeledNo Bucket$34,500
U003691280201474HP Tier 4F2,800lbsWheeledNo Bucket$35,500
N011115300201374HP Tier 4F3,000lbsWheeled78″ Bucket$36,500
N015588300201574HP Tier 4F3,000lbsWheeled72″ Bucket$49,900
N012688300T201474HP Tier 4F3,000lbsTracked84″ Bucket$49,900
U003640330201292HP Tier III3,300lbsWheeledNo Bucket$36,500
Used JCB Compaction Equipment
YES Unit #ModelYearHorsepowerOp.WeightDrum WidthCentrif. ForceSell Price
U001741VMT160200823HP3,638lbs35.4 Inches5845, 10116$8,900
Used Kubota Off-Road Utility Vehicle
YES Unit #ModelYearHorsepowerPayloadTowing Cap.OptionsSell Price
R001997RTV1120201524.8HP1,510lbs1,300lbsCab – No Attach$15,500
Call YES @ 888-276-4365 to take advantage of these Great Used Equipment Specials!

Introducing the ZR5 Self-Propelled Baler from VERMEER

Telescopic Wheeled Skid Steer
Telescopic Compact Track Loader
Capacity @ 50% of Tipping Load
Boom Retracted
Boom Extended
Height to Hinge Pin – Fully Raised
Boom Retracted
Boom Extended
Capacity at 35% of Tipping Load
Boom Retracted
Boom Extended
Height to Hinge Pin – Fully Raised
Boom Retracted
Boom Extended
Both Models use the 74HP JCB EcoMAX Tier 4 Final Engine without a DPF Filter or DEF Fluid


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Vermeer 504 PRO Baler
5' Dia x 4' Width
-Variable Chamber
-Xtracut17 Chopper
-Hydroflexcontrol Drop Floor
-E-Link Pro Display
-Endless Belts
-Camless Pickup
100hp Required
Call for Pricing
Vermeer MC3300
Mower Conditioner
-10.5' Cutting Width
-75hp Required
-Hydraulic Nitrogen-Charged
Accumulator Suspension System
-Quick-Change Shear Ring Protection
-Quick-Clip Blade Rentention System
-3-year Cutter Bar Warranty
Available with
Tine or Steel Roller Conditioners
Call for Pricing
Vermeer VR1022
Carted Wheel Rake
-22.6' Max Raking Width
-82" Max Windrow Width
-30hp Required
-Standard Left or Right Side
Capable Single Side Raking
-Rubber Torsion Toolbar Suspension
-Optional Center Splitter
Call for Pricing
Vermeer TE330 Tedder
-33.5' Tedding Width
-8 Rollers
-Hook Tine
-60hp Required
-Ideal for Mid-Size Operations
-Vertical Hydraulic Fold
Call for Pricing
Vermeer BPX9000
Bale Processor
-Handles 2- 6' x 5' Bales
-Up to 50' Horizontal Spread
-5 Setting Cut Control Bar Adjustment
-85hp Required
Call for Pricing
Vermeer SW5000
Silage Wrapper
-5' x 4' Max Bale Size
-2,220lbs Bale Weight Max
-55 or 70% Pre-Stretcher
-41hp Required
Call for Pricing